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Attorney ad Litem

Cheryl Anderson can represent your children in the courtroom. She will take the time to understand the parties’ concerns and goals, will investigate the best interests of the children, will frankly discuss options with the parties, and will fight for her clients’ best interests in court. With years of dedicated representation of children who are involved in legal cases, Cheryl has a unique ability to relate to the children who are her clients and represent their best interests. If you are concerned about your children getting lost in the shuffle of a divorce or a hotly contested child custody matter, you owe it to them to hire an Attorney ad Litem to represent them in the case. Ask your lawyer how to get an Attorney ad Litem involved to represent your children or call Cheryl at Mediated Solutions by dialing (479) 262-6992 for more information.

Family and Divorce Litigation

When you are faced with lawsuits that affect the very fiber of your family, you want an attorney who is going to take the time to understand your concerns and goals and then fight for you. Regardless of whose decisions or actions are getting a case started, you should hire an attorney who will honestly assess your options, give you legal advice and counsel and then get down to business and represent you in court. Cheryl Anderson is that lawyer.

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Spousal Support
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Prenuptial Agreements

Studies show that satisfaction ratings with mediation remain high even

1 year later.

Long term satisfaction

is higher for clients who form mediated agreements than for those who reach impasse and litigate.


Percentage of participants who felt mediation was a good way to come up with a parenting plan and would recommend mediation to their friends.


Percentage of clients who said that mediation helped them to see more ways to work together as parents.


Percentage of clients who felt that the mediator had good ideas to consider for their children.


Percentage of clients who report that the mediator helped to keep them focused on their children’s interests.


Percentage of lawyers surveyed who believed ADR decreased time to disposition.

Why Mediation?

In the mediation process, a Certified Mediator helps disputing parties reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

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