Civil Litigation

Civil litigation mediation is an option for civil cases which are already in litigation. Certified Attorney-Mediator Cheryl Anderson can often save participants time, money, and stress by helping them to reach a mutually agreeable settlement.

Areas of civil litigation that are often mediated include the following:





If you don’t reach an agreement with mediation, you have the same legal rights you had before, and you can proceed to litigation. If you end up in a trial, nothing which was disclosed during the mediation can be disclosed in court.

However, mediation is usually faster, less expensive, and more satisfying to participants than a courtroom battle. Mediation can even lead to positive changes in behavior and relationships.

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, informal yet structured process that lets people in conflict create mutually acceptable solutions without the problems of litigation.

In some court cases, a judge might order the parties to mediation before scheduling a final trial date. Court time is a precious commodity. Just ask anyone how far in the future their court date is and you will know that court backlogs are a growing problem. By ordering parties to mediation, the parties will be able to fully explore whether a settlement is possible and on what terms. If they reach an agreement, one or both of them can return to court to ask the judge to approve their settlement. Not every mediation is a result of a lawsuit. Almost any conflict or dispute can be mediated. If you have questions about whether your situation could be improved through mediation, please call Mediated Solutions at (479) 262-6992 for a risk-free analysis.

Studies show that satisfaction ratings with mediation remain high even

1 year later.

Long term satisfaction

is higher for clients who form mediated agreements than for those who reach impasse and litigate.


Percentage of participants who felt mediation was a good way to come up with a parenting plan and would recommend mediation to their friends.


Percentage of clients who said that mediation helped them to see more ways to work together as parents.


Percentage of clients who felt that the mediator had good ideas to consider for their children.


Percentage of clients who report that the mediator helped to keep them focused on their children’s interests.


Percentage of lawyers surveyed who believed ADR decreased time to disposition.

Why Mediation?

In the mediation process, a Certified Mediator helps disputing parties reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

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