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Cheryl Anderson received the President’s Medal and a Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude from Hendrix College and then moved to Atlanta to attend Emory University School of Law, earning a JD in Law in 1992. She has completed specialized training in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Negotiation Skills. Cheryl is also a member of the Arkansas Bar Association, Crawford County Bar Association, Sebastian County Bar Association and the Arkansas Conflict Resolution Association. Cheryl’s career as a civil attorney began in Little Rock and has resumed in the River Valley area. That experience, along with her years of serving as an Attorney ad Litem has given her the skills and determination to meet your needs in the courtroom.

However, working as an attorney in so many capacities convinced Cheryl of the incredible value of mediation. She is a Certified Mediator for Arkansas Circuit Courts in the Civil and Probate Division. She is also a Certified Family Mediator. While maintaining her status as an attorney, Cheryl has chosen a professional focus on mediation.

Outside of the Office

Cheryl is married to Patric Anderson and has two talented children, Braxton and Trystin. The entire family enjoys adventure travel but spends much of their time attending basketball games and children's events. Patric’s art is featured at the office of Mediated Solutions.

Cheryl actively supports the Crawford County CASA program. She also serves on the board of several charitable organizations. Mediated Solutions is a member of the Greater Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce, Business by Referral Fort Smith, and the Van Buren Chamber of Commerce. She welcomes the opportunity to speak with civic groups and organizations about the power of mediation.

Studies show that satisfaction ratings with mediation remain high even

1 year later.

Long term satisfaction

is higher for clients who form mediated agreements than for those who reach impasse and litigate.


Percentage of participants who felt mediation was a good way to come up with a parenting plan and would recommend mediation to their friends.


Percentage of clients who said that mediation helped them to see more ways to work together as parents.


Percentage of clients who felt that the mediator had good ideas to consider for their children.


Percentage of clients who report that the mediator helped to keep them focused on their children’s interests.


Percentage of lawyers surveyed who believed ADR decreased time to disposition.

Why Mediation?

In the mediation process, a Certified Mediator helps disputing parties reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

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